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Water based polyurethane mortar floor is good?
A lot of people ask me, water-based polyurethane mortar floor is good? Do not rely on ground ....
What is the construction scheme of polyurethane color floor?
Polyurethane floor refers to the use of polyurethane floor paint with a new non....
Food factory floor materials with what kind of good?
Pharmaceutical factory floor food factory floor purification workshop epoxy floor f....
Curing agent floor with epoxy floor which is better?
With excellent penetrability of concrete seal curing agent can penetrate into 3—....
Concrete curing agent floor price?
Concrete curing agent floor price? The concrete seal curing agent has excellent p....
What is the difference between the flat floor and the ordinary floor?
Super flat floor and the difference between ordinary ground, super flat floor". T....
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  • Zhuo Cheng floor, we rest assured that the choiceWe had several Zhuocheng floor work, there the effect is really very good, many manufacturers choose floor engineeri....
  • Product quality is good, the service is in placeShop floor selection of epoxy flooring, is a recommendation of our company's business, and his friend is a sincere....
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Polyurethane floor paint construction reference program
Polyurethane floor pai
Epoxy polyurethane floor paint is a kind of double component epoxy floor coating, which is decorative, dustproof, economical, practical and environmentally friendly. The environmental requirements of the floor paint and substrate treatment: ambient temperature 5 degrees c,....
Environmental protection polyurethane mortar logistics warehouse floor applicati
Environmental protectio
Environmental protection polyurethane logistics warehouse floor advantage: 1, super capacity, high resistance, strong toughness, high mechanical strength of polyurethane mortar floor can withstand the traffic load, high strength such as forklift, floor cleaning...........
Polyurethane floor paint
Polyurethane floor paint
A new generation of polyurethane floor is a new generation of alternative flooring epoxy floor, and more wear resistance, flexibility, convenient construction, floor construction after 2 hours can meet the use requirements, completely changed the business floor renovation time question concerns.....
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Zhuo Cheng floor technology according to customer requirements, provide the "hardener floor, polyurethane floor for customers, food factory, beverage factory floor, floor, flat floor, polyurethane flooring mortar, cement seal curing agent, the concrete seal curing agent and other services, professional floor to meet customer special anti-corrosion, dust-proof, anti mildew, anti-static, wear and other requirements, and has no seams, good overall performance, high mechanical strength, colorful etc.. To meet the biochemical, pharmaceutical, textile, printing and dyeing, food, microelectronics, fine chemicals, precision machinery, plastics, hardware and other customer production requirements
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  1, garage floor. Underground garage floor color collocation is more varied, can be used to color gray,....
Epoxy floor paint is a viscous liquid material, to the construction of the ground to play a role in ....
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